Thursday, November 19, 2020

Friday Achievements

Congratulations to our amazing self managers and creative people who gained themselves a certificate this week. We are proud of you all and look forward to seeing you continue to develop your skills.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Senses Explore

We have been learning about what our senses are and how they work. We have been thinking about what happens when we eliminate one and work with the remainders. We have been doing all sorts of taste tests to see where our taste buds taste what particular flavours. We have been trying on blindfolds and using out fingers to figure out what is in the containers and pillow cases. We have so much fun in science. Check out what we get up to...

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Garden Explore!

Meet our little friend we found while exploring the garden. Fun facts we learnt about caterpillars while we were out and about - Did you know that caterpillars only have six main legs they use? It may look like they have more but they don't! We also learnt that they have six eyes! "No wonder they eat so much food, they can't stop looking at it" - Maddie 

Colouring In Competition

Congratulations to all those who entered the colouring in competition. It was really hard to select just some who won. With a turn out of about 100 - the judges had to think really hard. Here are the lucky wee artistic students from both Piako Rua and Piako Tahi. Well done!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Athletics Day

Athletics Day was SO much fun yesterday. It is such a good day to show off our skills of what we have been learning here in school. It is also a good opportunity for our kids to mingle with the other students in the school and show off our self managing skills. We are so proud of the way our kids managed themselves and tried their hardest. Have a look at some of our photos from yesterday - we were lucky for the weather for 95% of the day!

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Colouring In Competition

 Today the juniors got the opportunity to start a colouring in competition. We joined up with Piako Tahi and had to design a school hat of our dreams. Some of us haven't finished and we get to take the colouring in competition home to finish it. It is due in next Thursday so make sure you have your name on it and bring it in to the box when you are finished. Check out some of us in action - such great starts to the competition. Good luck to everyone involved! There are prizes to be won! Huge thank you to the senior Pounamu Atawhai kids for helping Miss Fairbairn and Mrs Best with the organisation today!