Thursday, August 13, 2020

Friday's Achievements!

Congratulations to these amazing students for their achievements. We are proud of you and hope you continue to strive for excellence! 

Garden Explore

 Today a bunch of student had their 'Garden Explore' opt in! This was when they are able to explore around our outdoor classroom and in the vegetable garden. Today they found all sorts of vegetables they are wanting to into their dinners tonight. We also built a hut and had to share all of the equipment. It was so much fun!! Check out some of our photos!!

Amazing Must Do and Can Do Activities

 Check out how many words these akonga wrote in their must do and can do activities. Well done!!


 Our topic this term is MACHINES!! We are learning to find solutions to problems that can affect us in our everyday lives. This week we have been talking about how we can develop a machine that will help sort out rubbish around our school. We worked collaboratively with some of our classmates and completed an IDEATE (idea/create) sheet with lots of our different ideas. Once we had done this we had to decide on our best design (or designs) then draw up a plan for building a model of our rubbish machine. Next week... we get to BUILD it!! How exciting!! Keep watching the blog to see some of our designs. We may even video a few groups explaining their models to you as well!

Reading - Must Dos and Can Dos

 Everyday we work hard to complete a variety of activities to support us in our Reading. We have to be very good at managing ourselves and making sure we do our activities properly. Once we have completed all the 'Must Do' activities then we are allowed to start our 'Can Do' tasks. Our SILVER Self Managers are great at doing this!!

Fun Friday - Art

 We had a great time with paint during this activity!! Lots of carefully work making sure our paints didn't mix together, what colours would work well together, how to layer our flower petals and how to not get paint on ourselves!! So much fun and what beautiful results :)

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Fun Fridays - Potion Making!

On Friday's we always have some fun activities which the students are allowed to opt into. This is one of our science opt in choices! We made POTIONS. Can you believe it? We were even allowed to drink some of them. We had to be careful which colours we mixed together to see the final product. Some of our potions were purple, red, blue, green and even brown! Luckily they tasted delicious! Here are some of the photos and a video of our (small) EXPLOSION we made with vinegar and baking soda!